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[SSRN] Negotiated Content Dissemination Under Copyright Law

Copyright does not function in isolation. It is supported by contract law, and it is but one of the laws which governs content, its ownership, use, and dissemination. Focusing on broadcasts, whilst recognising that the processes applicable to them also apply to other forms of dissemination in modified form, this text describes, in broad strokes, the field in which negotiated grants of copyright function from a statutory point of view, describes what goes into attempting to ensure that content per se is ready for legal dissemination, and discusses how relationships between the various stakeholders are structured to facilitate such dissemination.

A 20-page working paper (that's been on my device for a while) shared as-isavailable here via SSRN.

Addendum, 2022
Also see: Content Clearance Form (GoogleDocs via LinkedIn)

This post is by Nandita Saikia and was first published at IN Content Law